Thematic Integration Programme – Activity Day

The Activity Day for the Thematic Integration Programme of this school year was held on 28 April, 2018, aiming to develop students’ skills and abilities in problem-solving, communication and knowledge application through organising learning across various subjects. The theme of the learning programme this year is titled “Guardian of Health”.

In the morning section, our students of Primary 1 to Primary 4 could earn presents after completing a series of tasks at the game booths hosted by our Primary 5 and Primary 6 students. As appreciation for their keen efforts, these teams of project helpers were awarded a range of prizes, such as the “Award for Schoolmates’ Favourite” for the game best loved by most.  There was also the “Best Costume Award” that encouraged students to get dressed in costumes addressing the theme on the issue of health.

In the afternoon section, hundreds of young children from a number of kindergartens and their parents came to our school for games. Those infant participants’ attention was heightened to the issue of health through various booth games while their parents took the opportunity to have a school tour at our school campus.

The activity day was well-received by students and parents as they all enjoyed the games and activities prepared by our senior grade students, English Ambassadors and the teachers.