Curricular Features

To release individual students’ music talents, with emphasis on:

  • Bringing up individual students’ vocal technique;
  • Improve the students’ instrument performing skills;
  • Foster creativity and imaginative capabilities among students;
  • Strengthen students’ ability to appreciate and perform music.

Activities and Competitions


  • Through choir activities, students are trained on ensemble techniques, with team spirit being developed. On campus, choir members perform in concerts as well as worship sessions during Christmas, Easter and School Anniversary. We also perform outside our campus and join open competitions such as the annual Hong Kong School Music Festival.
  • Choir members learn songs in Chinese, English and other languages with a view to broaden their choral perspectives.

Musical Instruments and Establishment of School Ensemble

  • Recorders are included as part of the curriculum, while after-school lessons on a variety of instruments are provided to raise the level of individual students’ performing skills. Students who show great interest and steady performance would be selected as school ensemble members.
  • In view of promoting the appreciation of arts performance, the school launches the scheme “Musical Instruments for All” starting from this school year. Details are as follows:


  • To help enhance students’ quality of life through learning to play a musical instrument.
  • To help explore and stretch students’ music talent to the fullest.
  • To facilitate the development of students’ self esteem and receive a well-balanced curriculum for all-round development.

Performance and competitions

Activities in School

  1. Chorus Leadership
    • Primary 5 and 6 choir members are trained as team leaders;
  2. Christmas and Easter Worship
    • Worship will be held with hymns presented by our Choir in December and April.
  3. Campus Concerts
    • Performance sessions will be held in December, March and May in which students give performances during recess and throughout the music week for their fellow schoolmates.
  4. Music Ambassadors
    • 2 students from each Primary 4 to 6 classes are selected as music ambassadors to promote the love of music in school.

Activities outside School

  1. School Music Festival
    • The Choir will compete on Church Music – Primary School Choirs (13 years old or under) during the Hong Kong School Music Festival, the date of which will be announced later. Lessons and practice will take place as relevant.
  2. “School Culture Day” presented by the LCSD (Music Office)
    • We participate in the following music program organized by the Leisure and Culture Services Department, “2013-4 School Culture Day Scheme”:
Class(es) Programme No. / Title Date / Time Venue
Primary 4-6 Music Office “Virtuoso Concertos” String Music Concert 18 Nov 2013 Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall