Our P.E. Curriculum

Through modular approach, teachers will spend a number of lessons continuously to complete the same activity units.

The curriculum includes six strands, they are:

  • Motor and Sports Skills
  • Health and Fitness
  • Sport-related Values and Attitudes
  • Knowledge and Practice of Safety
  • Knowledge of Movement
  • Aesthetic Sensitivity

Curriculum Aims of PE

It aims to help students:

  • develop motor skills and acquire necessary knowledge.
  • acquire good health, physical fitness and body coordination through an active lifestyle.
  • promote desirable moral behaviors, impartiality of attitude, and the spirit of sport.
  • understand the importance of cooperation in communal life, develop a sense of responsibility and community belonging.
  • enhance ability in making decisions, and the appreciation of aesthetic movements, and foster students’ adaptability, creativity, ability of observation and analytical skill.
  • to have basic competence and confidence to face different challenges.

P.E. Activities(2022-2023)

  • School Sports Day
  • Morning Exercises
  • Inter-Primary School Competitions
    • Inter-Primary School Swimming Competition
    • Inter-Primary School Athletics Competition
    • Inter-Primary School Fencing Competition
    • HK Districts Primary School Rope Skipping Championships (Rope skipping)
    • CCC Sports Day

Our Sports Teams(2022-2023)

  • Fencing Team
  • Athletics Team
  • Rope Skipping Team

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