Ethics / Religious Education

Objectives and Beliefs

  • Teach the Bible – We believe that God speaks to us with clarity and life-changing power through the Bible. Through the Bible we can know God and enable students to learn the Christian message and build up Christian values about life. We aim to provide a quality education based on Christian principles. We hope students will devote their lives to True Light.
  • Love Jesus – The core of Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. He is central to all that we do as Christians. Let students know that our lives should give expression to our faith in him, as we listen to his teaching, pray in his name, serve him in every aspect of our lives, and have trust in his life of giving death and resurrection.
  • Build community – Upholding the spirit of the school motto “Thou art the light of the world”, students are guided to reform the world by following the lordship of Jesus. We also aim to help students develop respect for the views and opinions of others, build up harmonious relationships in family, the school and the community, and participate in group and community affairs.
  • Share the gospel – Christians are called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to those around them. We recognise that God has put us in our position in Kowloon True Light School (Primary Section) for this purpose. Through religious education, we aim to strengthen the spiritual life of our students.
  • Love the school and the city – God created human beings in His image, to love and serve Him and one another. Humans are God’s agents to care for, manage, and govern creation, and to live in holy and devoted fellowship with their Maker. Jesus calls on us to love our neighbours. That will be seen in our faithful proclamation of Jesus to those around us. We believe in Jesus Christ, and the Bible can direct students to righteousness by striving to be the light-bearers of the Christian faith and serving others.

Activities Held by Religious Committee

  1. Morning Assemblies:

Students are guided by Christian teachers to sing hymns, learn the scriptures, share Christian witnessing as well as stories in the Bible and say prayers of intercession.

  1. Christian Fellowship Meets:

The meets provide students with the opportunities to comprehend the various metaphors found in Jesus’ preaching, through learning the scriptures in the Bible, doingvarious tasks and singing hymns.

  1. Students’ Evangelical Activities:

Students, grouped according to their year levels, are given various opportunities to comprehend Christian beliefs through various gamesand activities, hymns andBiblical truth.

  1. Church Service:

Students of Primary 6 and their parents are invited to attend the church service offered at Mongkok Church(Church of Christ in China).

  1. Summer Gospel Camp:

The Gospel Camp usually comprises gospel activities held for two nights and three days. The student participants are guided to strengthen their spiritual liveswhile enhancing skills in getting along with others in everyday life through the camping experience.

  1. Parent-Child Gospel Day Camp:

A range of Bible learning activities will be conducted in the camping experience, providing opportunities for children and their parents to interact and communicate as well.

  1. Festival Worship Service:

Worship service for Christmas Thanksgiving and Easter is regularly conducted for students to commemorate Jesus Christ’s unconditional love for humanity and His death on the Cross.

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