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Curriculum Goals

We aim to provide our students with a facilitating learning environment, taking into consideration the interpersonal, knowledge and experience strands, for developing their capability and experience in the learning and use of English towards the following goals.

  • A solid foundation in English for studies, work and life-long learning in the future
  • Development of creativity, abilities in critical thinking and skills in communication and presentation
  • A genuine interest in the learning and use of English for fun and entertainments in everyday life

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives underlying the content and focuses of learning for the subject are as follows.

  • Understand the English language forms, use and their communicative functions.
  • Formulate ideas and interact with others through written and spoken forms of the English language.
  • Develop language skills and strategies for reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Gain a wide exposure to the authentic use of English through reading and interactions with fun and relevance to life.
  • Develop a positive perspective towards the target language and the ability to reflect upon their language learning.

Extra-curricular Activities

To enhance the learning of English through fun and interactions, a range of English-based learning activities have been scheduled throughout the school years. Some of them are highlighted below for reference.

  • Fun and games at the English Language Centre with the NET
  • Scheme on English Passports
  • Reading schemes (Buddies Reading and Joyful Reading Citizenship)
  • English Drama and Musicals
  • Speech training
  • The English Week
  • Morning reading
  • Competitions on, e.g. penmanship
  • Excursions
  • English day-camps

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