• There are two components covered in e-Library. Library reading involves students participating in reading classroom and library books of both fiction and non-fiction types. Firstly, students would learn the process of searching for books and other reading materials through using the library classification system. Also, they would be encouraged to read various English and Chinese newspapers and education magazines. In lessons, there would be discussion on stories, probably with reference to films and clips that relate to the stories they have read.
  • Our second component involves equipping our students with the capability in using IT to process information effectively. They are then able to actively search for relevant information to address various issues raised in learning and in their daily lives. With up-to-date teaching materials and the latest e-learning theories and practices, the School aims to arouse the curiosity and interest of students to Information Technology (IT). Apart from enhancing the students’ computer knowledge and ability, their information literacy is also developed.
  • P.1 to P.3 students would be provided with most of the basic knowledge involved in many aspects of IT. P.4 to P.6 students would understand the application of various IT programs and other internet resources. The learning process would encourage students to begin basic usage of these IT functions and programs, whilst enabling students to apply what they have learnt in various IT exercises and activities.