Parent-Child Joyful School Outing(organized by the PTA of KTLSPS)

Date: 3 February, 2024 (Saturday)

Venue: Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village (of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong)

The yearly-held picnic, known as the Parent-Child Joyful School Outing, was most smoothly conducted on 3 February, 2024, with our grateful thanks to the keen efforts of all helping prepare this huge event since long.

A total of more than 290 students and their parents altogether joined the fun outing that day.  Apart from being given the occasions of utilizing the facilities available there, our members were particularly offered activities uniquely arranged, which included games named ‘Hot-Fix Beads’, ‘Floor Curling’, ‘Molkky’, ‘Dodgebee’, ‘Bouncy Castle’, ‘Sport Climbing’, ‘Rope Net’ and ‘Archery Tag’.  The ties among students, their parents and the school were well strengthened and enhanced through activities and interactions.




    籌備多時的一年一度親子大旅行於2月3日順利進行,當天共有二百九十多位家長及師生參加,參加者除了可享用營地的活動設施外,家教會更特別為參加同學安排本校學生專享活動:燙珠Hot-Fix Beads、地壺球Floor Curling、芬蘭木柱Molkky、躲避盤Dodgebee、吹氣彈牀Bouncy Castle、攀石Sport Climbing、低結構繩網Rope Net和攻防箭Archery Tag。當天,大家聚首一堂,彼此交流,進行活動,促進家校的聯繫。