Sharing Session on Semi-precious Stone Bonsai on 26 June, 2023

A sharing session on guiding students to appreciate the art of semi-precious stone bonsai was conducted for all classes of Primary 1-6 on 26 June, 2023, aiming to enhance their pools of knowledge in traditional Chinese arts and crafts.  

The art of semi-precious stone bonsai, established long since hundreds of years ago, originated from the royal court of the Qing Dynasty.  With many thanks to the assistance of Chinese Arts & Crafts (HK) Ltd, we are most grateful that Mr Zhou Ping Hui and Ms. Lin Miao Zhen, both experts in semi-precious Stone Bonsai, were invited to come to Hong Kong from Kaiping.  They kindly conducted the session for our students, introducing the history, characteristics and handicraft concerning the intangible cultural heritage of semi-precious stone bonsai.  Our guest speakers also demonstrated to our students their skills in making the craftwork live in the theatre.  During the questions-and-answers activity, our students kept themselves active in responding to the questions raised by our speakers, with many of them receiving from the guest speakers either the semi-precious stone blossoms they made earlier on or the special bookmarks they brought along.