Festive Celebration for the Fifteenth Day of the Lunar New Year

To provide our students with the opportunity to experience and learn about Chinese customs and culture, a festive programme celebrating the fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year was organised by the Chinese Department during the school assembly lessons in the Chinese Language Week on 28 February, 2018.

The Chinese New Year festive atmosphere was being felt with the activities prepared by teachers and our Primary 6 students. Most students dressed themselves in festive costumes and took part in various activities such as riddles on lanterns, ring-rolling competition, shooting games, Chinese New Year couplets writing, throwing games, festive sing-along, Chinese Cuju (soccer) and Chinese snacks tasting. One of the interesting activities was the tai-chi practice. All students gathered at the basketball court and lined up in rows. Then, they began their synchronized slow gentle movements.

The event was well-received by students and teachers as they all enjoyed the activities and celebrated the Chinese New Year together.