Project-based Learning

In KTLS (Primary Section), a specific curriculum for Project-based Learning is developed. Curriculum time is reserved in the time-table for PBL. A team of teachers is formed to develop the curriculum and design challenging tasks in relation to different subject curricula in the school.

  • The aim of project-based learning is to facilitate students’ independent learning capabilities, develop their generic skills and interpersonal relations. It also enables students to construct knowledge and broadens their horizons.
  • We aim at developing students’ independent learning capabilities. Supplementary tools, Web-based tools and assessment tools are developed to facilitate students’ independent learning capabilities. Students learn to give up their dependence on teachers and take the initiative to manage their own learning. Teachers also provide them with appropriate tools and train them to use the tools effectively.
  • Policy:
    • All P1 to P4 students are expected to complete two major projects each year under the guidance of their teachers.
    • For P5 and P6 students, they are requested to carry out one project throughout the year.
    • Inquiry learning is expected to be adopted in all academic projects. Students are allowed to suggest topics for their projects.
    • Moreover, students also need to take part in at least one problem-based learning project, one performing project and one service project throughout the course of their study.
    • Students of each class level will be taught a range of project and writing skills.
    • The learning outcomes and products expected will be stated clearly to students at the beginning of the term.
    • Continuous assessment and feedback will be given to students throughout the work period. A final grade will be given to students based on their progress in the course of work and their final products.
    • Parents are most encouraged to give guidance, feedback and necessary assistance to students for successful implementation of the projects. However, they are strongly recommended not to deprive the learning opportunity of their daughters in the process of project design and implementation.
    • English is the main language used in PBL.
    • The PBL Panel will help teachers plan, implement and evaluate the project learning scheme.