K-Video 童心童錄

“The project “Clips by the Mindful Kids” (“童心童錄” in Cantonese) is a newly launched programme that invites our students, of various grade years ranging from Primary 1 to Primary 6, to produce audio-visual clips during this period of class suspension as announced by the Education Bureau. Clips of your own originality and production, on whatever topics deemed appropriate, are most welcome. Work submitted to the school and favorably considered will be selected and proudly uploaded for sharing at our school webpage. Do join us and have fun while tapping your potentials.”

Class 班別 Student Name 學生姓名 Tittle 作品名稱
6TBenjamin Yeung A mini movie about Clone Troopers
6T Benjamin Yeung Antivirus (A Despacito Parody)
6L 尹詠榆 摺紙教學
6L 黃穎嵐 水彩底教學
5T賴欣童 鳥結糖 Nougat
5L梁慧恩 玉子燒
4L黃雅晴 下午茶 – 自制西多
4LTerea Chau The making of 3D stickers
3T Matthew Chan Our Organs
3L張愛延 張愛延煮甜品
2T Winnie Chan 蒸糕的啓示
2T何允晴 包餃子
1T 李旨悅Cupcake
1LHarriet Lo CHEF HARRIET Pancake Making
1L 李卓杺 在家畫畫自學短片